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Mild Paranoia in Downtown Boston

On Tuesdays, gnomi and I try to meet for lunch in downtown Boston, at the Milk Street Café. Today, she had a lunch meeting and couldn't stay, but we did meet there briefly to pick up food and take it back to our respective offices. (Well, she did. I stayed and ate my lunch there, since it would be faster. Not that this is relevant to today's post.)

So, I'm walking back to the Park Street subway station, following the Freedom Trail and passing the Boston Common, in one of the more historic areas of the city. And I see, as one does in tourist season, tour guides in colonial costume explaining the history of various sites to groups of tourists. And as I approach the subway, I have a thought that is atypical for someone such as myself.

Today is April Fool's Day. What if all the Boston tour guides decided last night to agree on one piece of false history, and to share it, completely deadpan, with today's tourists?

How would the tourists know they were being fooled?

("Yes, over here is the spot where an alien spaceship teleported Ben Franklin into orbit, and then relocated him to Philadelphia. You don't believe me? Ask any of the other tour guides...")

Note to self: never take a tour on April Fool's Day.


Actually, that would explain a great deal about how the Founding Fathers were so prescient...
Whereas I have the reaction, "Must remember to take tours on April Fool's Day!"
Me too; or perhaps "Only take the April Fools Day Tour in places you know very well."
Well, I suppose that would be safest.
No, no, the point is that we should go forth and start *giving* tours on April Fool's Day! ;)
Ooooo.... Now, that's a great idea.
Far better to take some actual history and twist it. Say, the Molasses Flood. And how the sudden creation of thousands of gallons of openly fermenting molasses led to prohibition.
Interesting thought...

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