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Good Things This Past Weekend

Let's see....

Although I had a rather tiring week, I woke up early enough Saturday morning to get to shabbat services in time to be the tenth for the minyan. Given the fact that one of the nicest guys at the shul just lost his father and needs the minyan to say Mourner's Kaddish, I was very glad to be able to help him perform the mitzvah.

Then, shabbat afternoon, we had a chance to catch up on sleep. That was good.

Sunday morning, gnomi and I had brunch with two friends whom I met through the recent HRSFA reunion: Kevin & Rose Martin, and their kids. We're trying to get together with them once a month, and so far, it's working.

My good friend and fellow writer Jennifer Pelland (LJ: jenwrites) got a very nice write-up in the Sunday Boston Globe: Her niche: Writing in the outer limits of fiction. They also quoted me commenting on her writing:

Michael A. Burstein, a fellow writer, said Pelland's work has a rare brutal honesty.

"Even though Jen's stories spin out bizarre scenarios, I find I don't need to suspend my disbelief because her characters respond to their predicaments realistically," he said. "Jen is willing to go places in her fiction that most other writers, including myself, aren't brave enough to do."

(There's more if you want to click through to the article.)

And, finally, norda posted My daily appointment, in which she responds to what is apparently a Free Topic from something called LJ Idol. The topic was "My Favorite LJ User," and, um, she picked me.

I have to admit that my natural sense of modesty is warring with my natural sense of ego. Do I link people to her post? Do I quote from it?

Well, I already linked to it. Quoting it here would be superfluous, but let me just say, publicly, thank you norda, for making me feel like it all may be worth it.



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