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Final ToC for "I Remember the Future"

For those of you helped me out when I was trying to determine a final Table of Contents for "I Remember the Future," thank you. Apex Books has posted the ToC on their blog at Apex Book Company » Final ToC for “I Remember the Future”. I repost it here:

“Kaddish for the Last Survivor” (Analog, November 2000)
“TeleAbsence” (Analog, July 1995)
“TelePresence” (Analog, July/August 2005)
“Broken Symmetry” (Analog, February 1997)
“Absent Friends” (Analog, September 1998)
“Reality Check” (Analog, November 1999)
“Empty Spaces” (original to the book)
“Spaceships” (Analog, June 2001)
“Decisions” (Analog, January/February 2004)
“Time Ablaze” (Analog, June 2004)
“Seventy-Five Years” (Analog, January/February 2005)
“Sanctuary” (Analog, September 2005)
“I Remember the Future” (original to the book)
“Cosmic Corkscrew” (Analog, June 1998)
“Paying It Forward” (Analog, September 2003)

There is a possibility that I might switch the order of the stories "I Remember the Future" and "Paying It Forward," but for the moment, the order you see above is the one I expect to use.

My reasoning is as follows. I'm opening with my most well-known and highly regarded story, then following with my first published story and its sequel, which appeared exactly ten years later. The four "Broken Symmetry" stories come next. followed by four "unthemed" stories in chronological order.

The last three are recursive science fiction stories, that is, science fiction stories about science fiction. In particular, they're stories about science fiction writers.

Each story will have an afterword; and Apex Book is going to start taking pre-orders in just two weeks, on April 7th. Furthermore, there'll be a little surprise in store for those of you who choose to pre-order the hardcover, which I'll announce in two weeks time.


I like the logic of the ordering. You know, I've been meaning to mention this: I remember reading "Cosmic Corkscrew" way back in 1998 and loving it (being the Asimov fan that I am). In fact, I'm certain I sent you an email about it and I'm certain you replied to me. I have dug through my email archives and, so far, haven't been able to find it. But I'm certain it happened.
My accessible email archives only go back to 1999 at the moment. If you find the email, send it along, as I'd love to see it.
can't wait!!
I like the order of the stories. I feel the title story of an anthology should be either the first or last story. That being the case, your alternate selection might work better. I definitely agree "Kaddish..." makes a lot of sense first. Lead with your "best", since a new reader might only read the first story to decide if they should buy the book. Given that and my theory that the title story should be either first or last, "I remember..." would come last.

Since it's a new story, I think that's rather fitting. Don't you?

Looking forward to pre-ordering...

I actually find it rather refreshing to see the title in a position other than first or last, though I like that it's near the end.
I'm glad "Sanctuary" is being put into a book. I loved it very much the first time I read it, and the second, and sadly it's been three moves since then and the Analog appears to have gone missing. Knowing I'll be able to have a copy again makes me happy.
Hey, it's almost chronological... :-)
Looks great,baby! Can't wait to see it whole.

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