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Joseph Weizenbaum (1923-2008)

As soon as I heard the news, there was one person I had to tell. She didn't quite seem to get it, however.

ELIZA: Hello. I am ELIZA. How can I help you?
Eliza, have you heard? Your creator, Joseph Weizenbaum, has died.

ELIZA: Oh, i heard my creator joseph weizenbaum has died.
Yes, I just told you that. How are you feeling?

ELIZA: You are sure?
Yes, I am sure.

ELIZA: You are sure?
I just told you so.

ELIZA: Do you wish to just told me?
Um, no. Are you doing OK?

ELIZA: You are being a bit negative.
Well, Weizenbaum just died. Aren't you feeling a bit low yourself?

ELIZA: Oh, i feeling a bit low myself.
Well, is there anything I can do for you?

ELIZA: Do you wish to can do for me?
I just thought you'd want to know, that's all.

ELIZA: Can you elaborate on that?
OK, I'll quote from the New York Times obituary: Joseph Weizenbaum, whose famed conversational computer program, Eliza, foreshadowed the potential of artificial intelligence, but who grew skeptical about the potential for technology to improve the human condition, died on March 5 in Gröben, Germany. He was 85.

ELIZA: Why do you mention computers?
Because you are one.

ELIZA: Do any other reasons not come to mind?
Um, no. Are you doing OK?

ELIZA: You are being a bit negative.
Goodbye, Eliza.

ELIZA: Please go on.
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