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FAQ: I Remember the Future

As promised, here are some of the answers to questions people have asked me about "I Remember the Future: The Award-Nominated Stories of Michael A. Burstein" (Apex Books, September 2008). Note that the answers to any and all of these questions are subject to change.

When is the book scheduled to be released?

September 2008.

What will the book contain?

The book will include all twelve of my stories that were nominated for the Hugo and Nebula Awards; "Absent Friends," which was not nominated for either award but is part of the "Broken Symmetry" series; and two new stories: "Empty Spaces," which is the fourth story in the "Broken Symmetry" series, and "I Remember the Future." It's a total of 15 stories at about 130,000 words.

Wow! That's a big book.

Thanks, but that's not a question.

Will there be a hardcover edition?

The current plans are for a simultaneous release in a hardcover and a trade paperback edition.

How much will the book cost?

No idea at this point.

Where can I order it from?

The book will be available from all the usual sources. If you're in the Boston area, it should be available from Pandemonium and Brookline Booksmith as well as the chain stores. The book will also be listed at Amazon. And Apex Publications will be taking direct pre-orders on their website, at

How can I get it autographed?

Aha! If Apex follows their usual procedure, all hardcover copies that are pre-ordered from their website will come pre-autographed. You'll even be able to request personalization of the signature by contacting me.

The trade paperback edition will not come pre-signed; however, I plan to schedule autograph sessions at conventions throughout 2009.

I don't want to buy a copy of the book, but I do want to read the two new stories you've written. Will you send them to me?

Um, no. The point of including two new stories is to encourage people to buy the book.

What if either of those stories gets nominated for the Hugo or Nebula?

Talk to me then. :-)

Will the book include any of your essays?

The book will not include any of my essays. However, for those of you interested in the writing process, I do plan on writing a brand-new afterword for each story.

Who are you dedicating the book to?

My parents.

Will I be in your Acknowledgments?

That depends. Are you Stanley Schmidt, Jennifer Pelland, Bob Eggleton, Andrew Greene, Jason Sizemore, or Nomi? If so, yes. If not, convince me you belong. :-)

Seriously, though, it's hard for me to remember all the people whose help I want to acknowledge, given that we're talking about a time period of over a decade. If anyone reading this remembers my mentioning anyone who played a vital role in helping me develop some of the stories in the book, please let me know. (I'll also do my best to acknowledge people in the various afterwords who helped with specific stories.)

Are the stories any good?

The stories in this book are the best stories ever written in the universe, bar none. (Seriously, what kind of question is that? I think they're pretty good, and obviously a bunch of other people agreed, or else they wouldn't be my award-nominated stories. Also, I've got a few writers lined up to provide the book with blurbs; if you don't trust me, trust them.)

OK, I'm convinced. I want to buy the book when it comes out, but I'm afraid I might forget about it between now and September.

If you keep reading here regularly, there'll be plenty of reminders, don't worry. Or, if you haven't yet, you might consider signing up for my yahoo mailing list at . It's for announcements only, and I promise it won't clutter your mailbox.
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