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Request for FAQ: I Remember the Future

First of all, I would like to thank everyone for their birthday wishes and their congratulations.

Secondly, I've already had a bunch of people ask me questions about the book, in both email and on LiveJournal. Rather than try to answer those questions individually, I plan to post a FAQ about the book here sometime tomorrow. So consider this a request for questions: if you have one, post it here and I'll do my best to answer it.

As for some of the ones I've already received: the book will have simultaneous hardcover and trade paperback editions, it will be possible to pre-order the book directly from Apex, and it will be available in bookstores as well.

Any other questions? Here's the place, now's the time.


What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow? What about a swallow laden with five hardcover copies of I Remember the Future?
Per your second question...the book will be about 130,000 words, so the airspeed velocity of the laden swallow would be roughly zero meters per second.

As for the first...I don't know.

Two questions:

1. If a space ship carrying a load of I Remember the Future leaves Earth at 8:30 AM for 61 Cygni at .90C, and a second spaceship (containing additional orders of the best-selling Remember the Future is sent the following day at 7:00 AM at .95C, how long will it take the second ship to catch up with the first so that the people on 61 Cygni waiting for their copies will know when to expect them?

2. Will you still remember us little people when you are being interviewed on the morning shows, on Leno and Lettermen, and on Oprah (for the book club recommendation)?

1. Fish. (Actually, the funny thing is that I probably could answer this question, if I really felt like sitting down and churning through the equations.)

2. Remember who? Do I know you? :-)

happy belated birthday...

... from both of us. We did think to call you yesterday, but couldn't remember if pre-7am or post-10pm would be okay (non-matching schedules R us).

Re: happy belated birthday...

Generally, we are awake before 7 am, but getting ready for work; and after 10 we usually try to be in bed.

Since today, however, is my birthday on the Hebrew calendar, your good wishes are still right on time!
I don't have a question, just wanted to belatedly send a mazel tov. Mazel Tov! Yasher koach!

December 2016

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