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Announcement: Story Collection "I Remember the Future"

For release February 27, 2008

Apex Publications and award-winning writer Michael A. Burstein are pleased to announce that in September 2008, Apex will be publishing the book "I Remember the Future: The Award-Nominated Stories of Michael A. Burstein."

"I Remember The Future" will be the first bound collection of Burstein's fiction. It will contain all of Burstein's Hugo and Nebula nominated stories, plus two new stories: "Empty Spaces," the fourth, never-before-published story in the "Broken Symmetry" series; and "I Remember the Future," which lends its title to the collection. The book will contain Burstein's two most well-regarded stories, "Kaddish for the Last Survivor" and "Paying It Forward," as well as his two Analytical Laboratory Award winners, "TeleAbsence" and "Sanctuary."

The cover art will be a piece by Bob Eggleton that also served as the first ever cover art for a Burstein story. Stanley Schmidt, long-time editor of Analog magazine (where all of the reprinted stories in the collection first appeared), will provide an introduction.

Michael A. Burstein, winner of the John Campbell Award for Best New Writer, has been publishing award-nominated and award-winning science fiction stories since 1995. He has been nominated for the Hugo Award ten times and for the Nebula Award three times.

For more information on Apex Publications, see For more on Michael A. Burstein and his work, see
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