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Car trouble and Manhattan Melodrama

So on our way to an event at the school tonight, the car's temperature gauge moves into the red. We turned her off, and had her towed to the garage. Then we got a cab to the school and a lift home.

I hate car trouble because I'm not a car person. Hopefully they'll have it fixed tomorrow.

And in other news, I decided to rent "Manhattan Melodrama" (1934) because it opens with the burning of the General Slocum (which, as I noted before, occurred 100 years ago today). The recreation looked rather realistic and mostly accurate.


Tis a fun film, even if by modern standards a bit unrealistic at the end. You'll see what I mean :-)

Car trouble

It seems to be the week for my Boston friends to have car trouble. Commiserations. Like you, I am not a car person. Even when I owned a car, it was purely a means of transport, and so long as it got me where I was going I had no interest in how it did that. It could be demons under the hood for all I care.
Sorry the car had a fever, hope it's nothing serious... there does seem to be a common trend here!
I am watching Ship's Ablaze: The General Slocum Tradegy on the History Channel. It is both horrifying and educational. Car Trouble seems to be happening frequently, I wonder why...I hope your car is doing well and is back on the road.
I highly recommend the book. We're taping the show on the History Channel to watch later.
Reminds me of the last day in Ireland when the rental car overheated mysteriously on the way back to the rental car place. Of course, it being a rental car I just pulled over, let it sit for 20 minutes, I think I found a convenience store and grabbed a quick bite and carried on and all was fine. Still odd though...

Gotta go visit Ireland again, if for nothing else than driving small fairly quick manual transmission cars on small roads at fairly high speeds... ;) (All roads not in a city or village tend to be 60 and I had a hard time doing 60 on most of those roads.)

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