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Lunar Eclipse

From 10:19 pm to 10:26 pm EST, gnomi and I went outside and observed the lunar eclipse. (We might have stayed longer but it is below 0 degrees Celsius outside.) From the left, most of the moon was covered in shadow with a hint of orange; the right still shone fairly brightly.

(Nomi has placed a photo here for anyone who wants to see it.)


"only" below 0 celsius? it's almost below 0 fahrenheit here! ;)

the moon's dimming made saturn so "bright" that even my paltry 8x binocs were enough to let me see its rings!

It's only about -2 or -3 degrees Celsius here, not nearly as cold as 0 degrees Fahrenheit. But still cold.
chicago's low tonight is supposed to be zeroF. right now it's 11F (-12c?) and falling. but yeah. once you get below water's freezing it's all just plain cold.

gorgeous eclipse, though. :)
Darn it, I'm an idiot. I didn't even think to take my cheap binoculars out with me to look at Saturn. (Although I didn't know it was Saturn until I checked email when I came in to thaw out halfway through.) But I was too busy taking pictures; crossing my fingers that they look okay. (The camera is still warming up.)

About 6F here. Feels much colder.
it wasn't incredibly articulated. just, y'know, like a gnat that's been squished but you can still see its wings as separate things from its body. kinda like that.

just enough to think to one's self "yup, saturn."
I got home around 10 and was wondering why everyone on the street was looking up at the sky.

a grainier but slightly larger shot can be seen here.


One of the five greatest moments of my life was seeing a total eclipse of the sun on July 11, 1991. I'm looking forward to August of 2017 and hope to be in Tennessee or South Carolina then to see another solar eclipse. (It passes over the Grand Tetons, also. How cool would it be to see that? Betcha it'll be expensive to book rooms there that day.)

Which is to say, if you're willing to freeze to see a lunar eclipse, you really need to take a tax-deductible* trip to see a solar eclipse. It'll knock your socks off. Hell, I voted for a Worldcon bid based on the promise of a nearby solar eclipse. Go.

*It's research.

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