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Quick Boskone 45 Note

I'm trying to find the time to compose a complete Boskone 45 report, especially since Nomi and I had such a great time at the convention this year. However, if you're curious to read a little bit about what I did, you can read Jamie Rubin's post Boskone, day 1, in which he basically says that I introduced him to lots of people:

Michael was great. He introduced me to a lot of people, telling them I was a new writing and where my story had been published. So, for example, he introduced me to Allen M. Steele...

He introduced me to Daniel Kimmel...

He introduced me to author Sarah Beth Durst...

And he also introduced me to writer Bruce Coville...

You can also see how much lordavon enjoyed the con at her post Boskone, which is a good bit (even if it doesn't have Marvin in it):

After all that, alcarnor and I headed into Consuite for what is becomming the traditional "Saturday Night of Sitting in Consuite with gnomi and mabfan and Discuss Whatever Comes Up." (We also couldn't remember where the Liaden party was, and besides, we like the chatting with gnomi and mabfan. In this case, we ran the gamut of yarn to religion to heritage to cultural assimilation to dead languages to zombies.

And you can get an outsider's interesting perspective by clicking here:

There were more men with ponytails there than I'd ever seen grouped together in one place...ever. And there was one guy who I think really was the stereotypical nerdy sci-fi geek - he had his pants pulled up to his chest, his NASA polo shirt tucked in, and his thick glasses dangled at the end of his nose. But I'm sure his IQ is about 657. There was a guy in a black vest and a kilt, a guy in a red cape, and a guy in an orange jumpsuit with a propeller beanie. And everyone was wearing glasses. Lenscrafters should sponsor one of these was nuts.

But here's the thing - I totally respect these people. There's this crazy hippie vibe going on - they don't care what's cool, they don't care how they look to other people, they don't conform...they are who they are and if you don't like it, catch the next spaceship to Uranus. And I completely dig that.

And finally, here's a shout-out to ariadne_3, which I hope will make her squee with delight.
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