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Boskone Schedule

In lieu of actual content, my program schedule for Boskone:

Saturday 11am
Tops on the Tube Tonight: Good New Genre TV Shows
Michael A. Burstein, Seanan McGuire, Jennifer Pelland, Eric M. Van

From Pushing Daisies and Eureka to Supernatural, Moonlight to Torchwood, Journeyman to Jericho, there s a fair bit of buzz in genre TV fandom about some new and newish shows. What separates the standouts from the nonstarters? What have they learned from shows and showrunners that have gone before? What offers any hint oforiginality? Where can you find the best writing? The most promising premise? The hottest honeys and hunks? And can the good survive?

Saturday 4pm
Battlestar Galactica Endings -- Roll Your Own
Michael A. Burstein, Jeffrey A. Carver, Craig Shaw Gardner, MaryAnn Johanson, Jennifer Pelland

Looks like we may never get an official end to the series. But hey, we're SF fans: we'll make one (heck, several) up. Conversation may also include but should not be limited to discussion of how BSG is (was) the awesomist esseff teevee evah!

Saturday 8pm
The Stories You Wish You Never Heard Of
Michael A. Burstein, Craig Shaw Gardner, Amy Thomson

Listen as our panelists tell you about the stories you never (ever!) heard of before!Hear the plot of classics like "Foundation and Empire Strikes Back"! and "The Lights int he Sky are Little Fuzzies".


What? We may never get an official end to BSG? Whyso?
When the writer's strike began, Moore mentioned that it was unclear whether they'd get a chance to finish the series. I don't know what the latest news was, but the panel description was presumably written with the strike in mind. (The strike did essentially kill a few other cable SF series, such as The 4400 and The Dead Zone.)
That was news to me.

Also, I thought the 4400 was dead before the strike?
See http://www.rondmoore.com/Site/Blog/Entries/2007/11/17_Galactica_wraps.html for what Ron Moore said about BSG.

My memory tells me that The 4400 cancellation announcement came after the strike started.
I remember an F&SF contest in the late 70s/early 80s for scrambled titles of real stories. William Starr and I came up with a list of around 20, which would surely have won had we only mailed them in. Unfortunately we were waiting for email to be invented. :<(

The two I remember several decades later were:
Into the Nebula, Slave!
Can you do anything when I feel this?
"Saturday 8pm
The Stories You Wish You Never Heard Of"

This sounds perfect for the Sunday at 2:00/3:00 pm "thanks for coming to Boskone" wrapup slot. What made them stick it at Sat 8pm?
I don't know. Maybe the participants they wanted weren't available at the late Sunday slot? Maybe they've got something else there?
>>Looks like we may never get an official end to the series. But hey, we're SF fans: we'll make one (heck, several) up.<<

As long as there's something more than Adama looking up suddenly and the screen going black.
how does this differ from Arisia?
Different programming focus, different group of people attending. Generally, more writers show up at Boskone.
Looking forward to seeing your Saturday night panel

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