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Buy the Jennifer Pelland UNWELCOME BODIES Short Story Collection!

OK, this is a shameless plug for a friend. Enjoy!

My friend Jennifer Pelland (LJ:jenwrites) has her first book coming out at the end of the month, and I have a hardcover copy on pre-order. But unfortunately, there aren't currently enough hardcover pre-orders for her publisher to justify the expense of the print run. The publisher is going to see how many orders come in by February 15th before making the decision on whether to pull the plug on the hardcover run and downgrade all the hardcover pre-orders to paperbacks (while refunding the price difference, of course).

This would be a shame, if purely for selfish reasons, because I really want that hardcover.

So if you'd like to own a collection of emotionally dark short stories nestled inside a nice, sturdy, hard cover, you should consider buying UNWELCOME BODIES before the 15th:

As an added bonus, it will come autographed. Or, you could buy the paperback, which won't be signed, and which will make it that much less likely that I get the hardcover that I so dearly desire.
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