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Reverse Meme

There are 36 things about you that I really wish I didn't know. I never wanted to learn them, and yet there they are, stuck in my head. Please take them out.


I'm sorry, the image of me dressed as Sir Robin the Not So Brave is unexpungeable. I'll see what I can do about the other 35. ;)
That's a pretty bold statement! To know 36 individual things about a person, you must have read their biography or be married to them.

Electro shock therapy seems the only viable method at this point.

I can get you half there.

*poof* You now no longer know about the ankle thing, or the Minnesota thing, or the thing with the credit cards, or the thing with the scarf, or the green thing, or the blue thing, or the other blue thing, or the thing about Kissinger, or the thing we don't talk about, or the IBM thing, or the sticks and stones thing, or the clock thing, or the thing about the clock, or the thing with the clock, or the dice thing, or the flickr thing, or the thing about the other thing.

But now I feel like you hardly know me.
I have scheduled an appointment for you with my neurosurgeon, Dr. Gumby. He'll fix that for you.
I'm sorry I injudiciously shared that I sleep with one foot sticking out of the blankets. Also that I get a lot of gas when I eat raw potatoes (my husband does not wish to know about this, either). I'm deleting those facts from my LJ right away. The amnesia should set in within twenty-four hours.
The canteloupe, the vaseline, and the Siamese twin sisters from Bemidji are now gone.

But you're going to regret it the next time you run into the sisters and can't quite place how you know them.
Sorry, I don't do memes.
How did you find out about the noodle incident?!
*removes the fact that I once sold my body for a cheesecake recipe*
I think you're going to need pretty strong drugs to overcome the thing about the yak.
Uses Sylar finger to carve Michael's head open, remove the memory of me voting "Kosh's ship" as the sexiest B5 character in that poll on the alt group so long ago...
But if I do that, you won' t remember my name! Although I will take back the thing with the walrus and the radio show.
I don't think you know 36 things about me.

December 2016

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