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Yesterday my good friend and sometime writing partner Bob Greenberger announced that his son, Robbie, was just diagnosed with acute myelogenous leukemia. Since Bob has gone public with the news over on his own blog (under the title Life Changes, and since Peter David has mentioned it too (Fingers Crossed for Robbie Greenberger), I don't feel it would be inappropriate for me to note it as well.

Nomi and I have only met Robbie a few times, but he impressed us as a dedicated, fun-loving kid who was mature beyond his years. Last I knew, he was studying to become a physics teacher, which makes him ever nearer to my heart for obvious reasons. I actually Tuckerized him in a story, "Pedagogy," as Robby Greenberger, the principal of a school that hires an alien to teach science.

Robbie, we all know you can beat this thing, and that you're going to come through just fine. Good luck; we're all rooting for you.
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