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Juno Soundtrack: Kimya Dawson Coming to Boston

Yesterday I got the CD of music from the movie Juno. I've already praised the movie, and part of what made the movie the best one of 2007 was the soundtrack. The songs fit the mood of the movie's scenes perfectly, and apparently part of the reason was because Ellen Page, the film's star, decided that her character would most logically listen to the music of the Moldy Peaches, a band that includes singer Kimya Dawson, who performs many of the songs on the album.

I'd never heard of Dawson before, probably because I'm not too up on indie rock or the anti-folk movement. But I can understand why her songs are appealing to me. I'm probably not the best person to try to describe her music, but what the hey. Her lyrics are somewhat surreal, her style is acoustic, and her voice is real. There's an idiosyncratic feel to what she's doing, and as I listen to her songs I feel like I'm enjoying an orthogonal view of the world around me. I think it's because the music is filled with bouncing rhythms and catchy tunes, while the lyrics range from simple, sweet observations of life to the mocking of those very same observations.

Okay, that didn't make any sense. But the music is still cool. And if you're in Boston, there's a great opportunity coming up.

I looked up Dawson on the Internet and found, much to my surprise, that she'll be performing locally next Thursday night, January 17, at Newbury Comics. So if there's anyone else out there who was as enchanted by her music as I was, let me know. Maybe we can get a small group together.

(For my friends in NYC: she's in Brooklyn next Tuesday.)


Then I may see you there!

Had you heard of Dawson before? I know very little about her.
Here's a question - if I'm unable to go (as appears likely at this point), would you be willing to pick up copies of those same two CD for me and get them signed?
If there's a signing limit of any sort, feel free to ignore my request, and I'll get the albums at a later time.

But if there isn't a signing limit, having her sign them "To Michael and Nomi" and having her put the date on them (January 17, 2008) would be cool.

(Then email me with the total cost and I'll give the money to Nomi to give to you.)

Hi, Michael. Thanks for the Kimya Dawson link. I'd never heard her before.
Neither had I, and I'm glad you found the link interesting.

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