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Our First Snowstorm of the Season

That's funny. When I left for work this morning, the sidewalks were clear...

As many people, including Nomi, have already reported, we had a major snowstorm in the Boston area this afternoon. So, as usual, it meant a small adventure. Despite the weather prediction, Nomi and I both decided to wear shoes and not boots today, as neither of us really like to wear our boots unless we have to. We figured we'd take our chances this afternoon.

As the morning progressed, though, the predictions for the intensity of the storm got worse. Which would mean a more difficult slog home for both of us.

But thanks to this post from norda, I was reminded of the existence of Yaktrax Walkers, an ice traction device that slips on over one's regular shoes. (We were first informed of their existence by magid last winter, but it was near the end, and we decided we didn't need to get them right away.) Nomi tracked down two sets at an Eastern Mountain Sports store just a ten-minute walk from my office, so during my lunch hour I went out to pick them up. (I also went to Borders and bought some books and a bear.) By the time I returned to the office, the first flakes were beginning to fall.

And when I got back to my desk, I discovered that we were being sent home at 1:30 pm because of the weather. I let Nomi know, but her company hadn't yet made any sort of similar announcement. In the end, though, they did – at just about 1:30 pm. So we arranged to meet. I put on my Yaktrax Walkers, took the Green Line to Coolidge Corner, ran errands at the Post Office and library, and then boarded the Green Line again when Nomi's train pulled into Coolidge Corner. I immediately gave her the Yaktrax, and she put them on after we got off the train.

They did help us walk through the snow, quite a bit.

Since we were home earlier than expected, we went to the Butcherie to pick up some groceries, and we were relieved to discover that although they were closing early as well, they were still open when we got there. We bought what we needed and finally made it home. Nomi took advantage of our early dismissal to make her home-baked challah, which we're bringing to friends tomorrow night as a contribution to shabbat dinner.
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