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Time Machine Dreams

So I had a dream last night that delkytlar had given me a time machine as a Christmas present. It was a nice one too, a big wooden pendulum clock-looking thing with instructions written in the wood. For some reason, though, he gave it to me at the house in New York where I grew up and where Mom used to live, and we had to figure out how we were going to get the time machine back to Boston.

So I mentioned this dream to Nomi this morning, and she asked, "Why couldn't we just get the machine to move to Boston? It's a time machine, right?"

To which I replied, "It's a time machine, not a space machine!"

Then for some reason Nomi started singing, "I dreamed last night I was on the boat to heaven..."

And I followed it with, "And by some chance, I had brought my time machine..."

So, delkytlar, when am I getting my time machine?


You make me remember the time machine patter song I wrote back in high school. I should dig that out....
You should. And you should send it to some of the SF poetry markets for possible publication.
Any time machine is also a space machine, unless you go back in time 6 months and find yourself floating in outer space, since Earth was nowhere near its present location then. The key is whether you can change the settings from 'maintain local reference frame' or not.
For some reason, in the dream, moving the time machine from New York to Boston by using its time machine properties was impossible. I think it was set to travel in time, and to keep its relative location, but not to move to another location. Or something like that.
I want a time machine. We should build one.
Check out the book THE NEW TIME TRAVELERS for the latest in research...
I gave it to you last Christmas. I can only assume that the person to whom I gave one this year used his to go back in time and negate last year's gift. He is the sort to want to be the only one with the coolest toys.

So... what'd ya get me for Hanukah? That's eight gifts, isn't it?
It's eight gifts, but they're all socks.
Individual socks or pairs?
Is it even possible to give a time machine as a retroactive belated gift?
Sure, but then you have to be very careful to put it back in the packaging and remove the batteries so the recipient doesn't know you used it first. (It's the shrinkwrap that usually proves my undoing.)
Wait...your time machine is a big wooden pendulum clock?

What would Mr. Saxon have to say about this? :)
Maybe he'd say that my chameleon circuit was working?
And that a) your chameleon circuit is nicking his chameleon circuit's ideas or b) you've nicked his TARDIS.

Go back and recheck the Tom Baker years. Then tell me I'm wrong. ;)
Sit down, your time machine's rocking the boat.
...when am I getting my time machine?

You'll get it when it's built. If you're impatient, just make sure that the first thing you do with it is go back in time a few years and give it to yourself sooner. That'll make up for all the missed deadlines.

You're not the only one to have a scifi trope dream last night. scottedelman had one too, although his falls more into fantasy trope. Something in the water?

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