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Busy Life and Thanksgiving Plans

Just so people don't wonder if I've disappeared off the face of the Earth...

Things have been busy. Last week I had Brookline Town Meeting, which meant late nights mostly voting on zoning issues and other such fun articles. The weekdays have otherwise been filled with work, and the weekends mostly with catching up. Most of my socializing has revolved around the synagogue; most of my relaxing has been occupied with reading and watching TV and DVDs.

And of course this week is Thanksgiving. As usual, Nomi and I are going to her sister's in-laws for Thanksgiving dinner, which will give us a chance to see some family we haven't seen in a while. The holiday does inevitably remind me that last year, my mother and my younger brother and his family were spending Thanksgiving with my older brother and his family in Lexington. On Friday of last year's Thanksgiving weekend, Nomi and I joined all of them for a bunch of family photos. It's the last set of posed family photos we have with my mom.

And so it goes.


Thanksgiving, for me, seems to be the holiday where I think most about family members who are no longer here. Here's hoping the joyful memories outweigh the bittersweet ones, for all of us who have lost loved ones.
The memories that remain are and should be good ones, ones that warm you.

I know right now they sting, but eventually they will warm you again. You are very lucky in your family.

December 2016

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