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House Guest: Troy Rutter of Rutter's Ramblings

I mentioned before that over the weekend, Nomi and I had a house guest.

Our house guest was Troy Rutter, a friend whom I've known for almost fifteen years now.

Troy Rutter Troy Rutter
Photo copyright ©2007 by Nomi S. Burstein.

Troy was one of my earliest Internet friends, someone I met first online before we ever met in person. We've actually only been in each other's company twice; we met briefly in person in 1996, and that was it until this past weekend. We met through early Babylon 5 fandom, which in his case led to a job at Warner Bros. Online producing the Official Babylon 5 Web Site. (And to Troy owning a really cool jacket.)

Troy Rutter's Babylon 5 Jacket Troy Rutter's Babylon 5 Jacket
Photo copyright ©2007 by Nomi S. Burstein.

Since then, he's had an eclectic career. He's been a programmer, a writer, and an actor (a member of SAG with full privileges). He's published a book, "Kids in the Biz," with lots of advice and guidance for families with children working in Hollywood. Troy is, as the kids say, teh awesome.

Troy was in town for PodCamp Boston 2 (in fact, he was one of sponsors of the event). When I first heard Troy bemoaning the high cost of hotel rooms in Boston for that weekend, I asked Nomi if we could offer him crash space on our sofa. She agreed, which is how we ended up hosting him. Although because he was busy all weekend, we really didn't see much of him. He showed up Friday night and was gone Saturday morning before we even woke up. Saturday night we saw him again, but once more when the morning rolled around he had vanished into the podcasting ether.

Why was he at a podcasting convention? Glad you asked. Troy hosts the Rutter's Ramblings podcast, and a more interesting podcast you're unlikely to find. Troy is a fascinating person to me, because he is the Other, and by definition the Other is exotic. He grew up in Ames, Iowa, one of those places that I would guess is about as different from New York City as you can get. He's opinionated, but he's intelligent, and he's always willing to listen to other opinions and engage in friendly, constructive debate. If you're looking for something to listen to on your mp3 player, I highly recommend trying out Troy.

Troy, let's not let another 11 years pass before we see each other again...

Michael A. Burstein, Troy Rutter Michael A. Burstein, Troy Rutter
Photo copyright ©2007 by Nomi S. Burstein.

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