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Lunch in the Downtown Boston Sukkah

Nomi and I just met for lunch downtown.

Normally, this wouldn't be such a big deal, as we usually try to meet for lunch once a week. But with this week still being the holiday of Sukkot, part of the reason we met for lunch was in order to enjoy the use of the sukkah that the Zhviller rebbe builds in front of the old city hall on School Street.

Sukkah in Downtown Boston Sukkah in Downtown Boston
Photo copyright ©2007 by Michael A. Burstein

First, Nomi and I met at the Milk Street Cafe on (where else) Milk Street, to pick up lunch. Then we walked over to the sukkah and ate our lunch. While there, we ran into other folks enjoying the use of the sukkah, including the owner of the Milk Street Cafe and Chuck, the father of one of our good friends from shul.

Nomi was very happy with lunch in the sukkah:

Nomi in the Sukkah Nomi in the Sukkah
Photo copyright ©2007 by Michael A. Burstein

And I was happy too. We had the teriyaki salmon, which is always delicious.

And after lunch, we returned to work, and I posted these pictures. Life is good.

Stupid Mets.
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