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Sukkot and New Burstein

One of the things I find slightly amusing about taking off from work for the Jewish holidays is that my co-workers really have no idea what I'm up to.

Not that they should, of course, but in general we associate taking a day off from work as taking some time to relax. But while a holiday is a nice change of pace from working, it's not the same thing as taking a day off to sleep late. In fact, Nomi and I often wake up at around the same time on Jewish holidays that we do for regular workdays.

So last Wednesday night, as I noted here, we began the holiday of Sukkot. I'm not going to go into too many details, but essentially the holiday went as expected. We spent each morning (Thursday, Friday, Saturday) in synagogue, and for every meal we were hosted by some family who had built a sukkah and was willing to take us in.

Sunday the holiday continued, and even though it wasn't a "yom tov" day, the celebrating continued. Nomi and I made it to synagogue for services, and even though there was a drop in attendance there were still plenty of people there. We also brought bagels and cream cheese for breakfast and invited a few friends to join us in the shul sukkah, which was nice.

Sunday afternoon we stopped at our storage unit and dug out my father's old tallis (prayer shawl). I'm getting it cleaned and I plan to wear it on the day of his yahrzeit (Hebrew day of death), which is coming up at the end of October. After that, we went to an open sukkah celebration, where I ran across the new Winston Breen book and got to discuss Doctor Who with some like-minded friends.

Today I'm at work again for three days, but I'll be out again Thursday and Friday for the final two yom tov days of the season, Shemini Atzeret and Simchas Torah. And then maybe I can get back to other things, such as scanning photos and writing stories.

One final note: Sukkot was also the occasion to welcome a new Burstein. On the morning of September 27, the first day of Sukkot, my younger brother Josh and his wife Rachel welcomed their third child, a baby girl named Rosa Eleanor. Mazel tov to Josh & Rachel, and may the new child be a blessing.
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