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Joshua Quoted in Wall Street Journal

My younger brother Joshua, who is the Associate Dean for Career Services at the University of Richmond School of Law, is quoted in today's Wall Street Journal article Hard Case: Job Market Wanes for U.S. Lawyers:

The University of Richmond School of Law in the last couple of years started to be more open about its employment statistics; it now breaks out how many of its grads work as contract attorneys. Of 57 2006 graduates working in private practice, for example, seven were contract employees nine months after graduation. Schools "should be sharing more information than they are now," says Joshua Burstein, associate dean for career services who put the changes in place. "Most people graduating from law school," he says, "are not going to be earning big salaries."


Michael, as I've understood the market for lawyers it's critically important to be on the law review or some similar high end school activity. Without that, your prospects for fame and glory are pretty limited. This is nothing new as I recall my old VISTA volunteer buddy told me that's why he was being such a gunner in law school. So far that has worked out well for him over the 25 years or so since he told me that. Maybe things just suck more than usual at the present time. The upside for us non-lawyers is that maybe we'll get inexpensive law work like we can get fairly inexpensive dental work because of a comparative glut in the market. (Or so I've been told on the dentists.)
Funny, I only saw the first part of the article, or I would have surely noticed Josh's name! The ironic thing is, I am thinking of going to Law School. :-)

December 2016

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