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Train Vs. Truck, Post #2

Somehow I forgot to post this photo, also from this morning when I saw the results of the accident on the Green Line C. In this photo, you can see the back wheels of the truck quite clearly.

Train Hits Truck #7 Train Hits Truck #7
Photo copyright ©2007 by Michael A. Burstein

I'm hoping that the C-line will be running normally again when it's time for me to go home...


Yikes - I think this is the best photo of the group. That's quite a story, by the way.
Again? Sheesh. I remember the time the C line train I was riding tore the front bumper off a car that had stopped too close to the tracks in an intersection.

Is it me, or is that line really the most accident prone?
BTW, if the cleanup on that takes anything resembling the cleanup on the train I was on in the accident, you'll be fine getting home. It was about an hour or two, and it was back to business as usual.
Thanks for the amazing picture. I had no idea the truck was actually lying on its side. I read today in the free Boston paper about a person who was hit by a MBTA train on Comm Ave, I think, and though the train just hit her backpack she still suffered some injuries on her foot. I don't have the paper to fact-check, but that is what I remember. This must be why the new stations have raised, tactile markings of areas to stand back from the train in - gnomi will recommend that I send this last sentence back to the tailor. Love.

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