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The Great Brookline Crossword Puzzle Event

Okay, maybe it's not "great," but it is going to happen in Brookline...

Here's the background. My long-time friend Andrew Greene (LJ: 530nm330hz) is about to have his first crossword puzzle published, in this Sunday's New York Times magazine.

For a memento of this occasion, Andrew has asked if folks might send him photographs of people working on his puzzle. It occurred to me that this would be the perfect opportunity to organize a puzzling event.

So here's the deal. There's a small park-like place at the corner of Harvard and Stedman Streets in Brookline, with a few benches and tables right near the Devotion School lawn. It's only a few blocks north of the Green Line C stop in Coolidge Corner. On Sunday morning at 11 AM, gnomi and I will be there with copies of Andrew's puzzle and pencils. People are invited to join us there, take a copy of the puzzle, and solve it. We'll take a whole bunch of photos, which we'll send to Andrew for his memento book. Afterwards, perhaps we can all get lunch at Rami's and enjoy the return of real August weather.

We'd appreciate if people would RSVP if they're thinking of attending, as it would give us an idea of how many puzzles and pencils to bring. You can RSVP by replying here, or by emailing me at puzzleparty@mabfan.com.

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I, obviously, won't be in Brookline, but I may have to buy the NYT just so I can send you a picture to forward to him.
He would be delighted!
ooh, ooh, I wish I could be there! :(

We should have more puzzley events like this one, though.
we'll be in NY, and my dad will be doing the puzzle, as he does every Sunday. He'll be happy to hear of this :)
I don't do crossword puzzles. They make me feel very inadequate and kind of stupid since I can't seem to do them very well.

Let me check...

If Mabel the social secretary says we can come, then we'll be there!

Re: Let me check...

It would be great to see you!
I'm going to try to make it; not sure whether Julian will attend (hmmmm...perhaps I should mention it to him). Kids will accompany me, but do not need their own puzzles. Will not attend lunch.

Also: pencils? Wimps.
Sounds like fun but we'll be on a train to NY...
Yay, Andrew!!!

Do you have a contingency plan for rain?
Absolutely we do!

If it rains, we get wet. :-)

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