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Today's NYC Subway Humor

Click on the link below to get an idea of what the New York City subways looked like today.... (Image by Kenn Brown)


(Edited to add: Okay, for those of you who want an explanation of where that image came from, check out this link.)
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What, no cockroaches?
wait, seriously? Are those rats? 'They almost look like nutria! Holy cow!
just to clarify... it wasn't that I thought the picture was serious... it's that I can't believe those are RATS! They're Friggin' HUGE!
I'm totally missing something. So I know there was severe weather in NYC, and I can tell that image was photoshopped... but I still don't get it.
Check out the link I added to the post for an explanation of where the photo actually came from.
This is clearly fake. The rats had to walk as well. Though some took a cab.
I take it you've been getting a lot of rain. See, if this shot were taken in Kansas right now, it would be a parched desert with little skeletal rats.
OK, I find that amusing, largely because I work at home over the summer, but I will NOT be showing it to my husband, whose usual 45 minute commute from W. 23rd Street in Manhattan to Prospect Park in Brooklyn took him 2 1/2 hours.
Fascinating. A few years ago, New Scientist had a short piece of the distant future of Earth and what the geology would be like. At a billion years, it's tidally locked to the sun, with a big wad of the atmosphere frozen out on the farside and raining silicates and metals in the "twilight region" around the terminator after they've melted and evaporated from the dayside.

Brutal. Especially since I'm trying to set a piece on Earth four billion years from now. :-)
I thought that tidal locking to the sun took something on the order of 10 - 100 billion years, but tidal locking to the moon would happen in 1 billion or so.
New Scientist also ran an article last year on what Earth would be like if humans suddenly vanished:

Kenn's about got it right. This morning was a nightmare. I will blog my experience as soon as I'm properly rested from the journey.
I've got a copy of the book. It is quite fascinating.
I'm homesick!

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