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Protecting Dust Jackets: A Query

As Nomi and I were waiting on line last Thursday for the Jasper Fforde reading, I noticed that the fellow waiting behind us had a plastic cover protecting his book's dust jacket. The cover looked exactly like the kind that libraries use to protect their hardcover dust jackets, only the dust jacket wasn't glued or taped to the book.

For years I've meant to look into protective covers for my own personal library, but I've never actually taken the time to do so. I asked the guy where he got the dust jacket cover, and he said I should check out Brodart Library Supplies & Furnishings. Apparently, that's the company that produces these book jacket covers; in fact, now that I know that, I've found their name and logo imprinted on the inside of the book jacket covers used at our own local library.

I began browsing through their page to find the most appropriate item for me to order, but I started getting confused by all the selections. Since I know that there are other bibliophiles and some librarians out there, I thought I'd ask for advice about book jacket covers on this blog.

I'm looking for something that's inexpensive, easy to apply, and that doesn't use any sort of adhesive to stick to either the book jacket or the book. The fellow on the line behind us recommend buying a roll, which can be cut into sizes as you need it, but Brodart makes more than one kind of roll as well. So if anyone out there could offer a suggestion as to what sorts of book jacket cover supplies I ought to buy, I'd be very appreciative.
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