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Hugo Nomination

I am delighted to announce that "Paying It Forward" (Analog, September 2003) has been nominated for a Hugo.

In an odd twist, although I was paid for an 8000-word novelette, the Hugo Administrators have chosen to place the story into the Short Story category. So I'll be competing in that category with Neil Gaiman, Joe Haldeman, David D. Levine, and Mike Resnick.

More information can be found here: http://www.noreascon.org/hugos/nominees.html

Thanks to any and all who found the story worthy of nomination. I'll be sending out a newsletter soon with a more official announcment and an announcement of the publication of "Time Ablaze," a novella and the cover story of the June 2004 Analog.


Congratulations Michael!! I knew you would do it!
Congratulations! I think the story is wonderful (novelette or story or whatever it's classified as), and I hope it wins.

(I assume you mean September 2003?)

How does someone who didn't pick it up at the time get a copy of the magazine (or more directly, the story)?
Thanks for picking up on the mistyped date. I made sure to correct it.

If you want to read the story, I imagine that sometime soon Analog and Fictionwise will both be offering it for free on their websites, and I'll post the links. After all, the more potential voters who actually get to read the story, the better.


And good luck!


and thanks for the copy of the story--I found it and re-read it, too...the ish was indeed in my "to-be-read" pile on the shelf under the coffee table.

I'm crossing my fingers that the voting goes well.

How did the story get moved categories? /me if confused...

Re: Congratulations...

The story got moved because by the count of the Hugo Administrators, the word length was less than 7500 words. Now, by my word count the story is about 8000 words, and I got paid for 8000 words, but this isn't the sort of decision one can appeal. So it's in the Short Story category.
Congratulations! I just saw that in your agent's LJ too. :)
Congratulations! Yay! *farwing does the dance of Hugo nominations*

Congratulations :-)
Congratulations once again! And it wasn't just them, when I was working on my ballot I noticed it was listed as a short story in the Analog index. So I thought that was how it was categorized to start.
You saw it listed as a short story in the Analog index? That's weird; I've got the January/February 2004 issue in front of me, with the 2003 Index starting on page 228, and next to their listing for "Paying It Forward" it clearly has the symbol (nt) for novelette. Was there also an index in the December 2003 issue? My copy of that is somewhere...
Oops. No, you're right; when I opened the document where I had saved my Hugo nominations, I just scrolled down too fast so when I saw your name I thought it was under short story. Now that I look back again I see it is, indeed, under novelette. Sorry for the confusion... I must have been more tired than I realized. So I really don't know how you wound up in short story, then. Strange.
YAAAAAAAY! *does a little dance*
A blessing on your head. Mazel Tov Mazel tov.


That's great news, M!
Belated but very joyous congratulations.

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