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Readercon Schedule

For anyone who wants to find me at Readercon this weekend, I've been scheduled for two items:

Saturday 1:00 pm "Reading"
Michael A. Burstein reads "The Soldier Within" and/or "Moving Day" (two short stories). (30 min.)

(I had asked for either a half-hour or full hour reading slot; with the half-hour slot, I can only read one of the stories. I'll probably read "Moving Day." And as usual, I'll give away the manuscript, signed, to one lucky audience member.)


Sunday 1:00 pm Panel: "I Have a Truly Marvelous Proof of This Proposition Which This Story is Too Commercial To Contain." Panelists: Michael A. Burstein (L), Jeff Hecht, Donald Kingsbury, Louise Marley, Peter Watts.

Precis: Actual calculations are generally excluded from sf—they're not what the reader is looking for. But hard sf often requires that the writer do the math and / or the physics and chemistry, and many stories are backed up by thick sheaves of notes that the reader never sees. Our panelists discuss examples from their personal experience. Should the "technical appendices" be published more often? Isn't the Web the natural place for them?


I'll also be hanging around just outside the Meet the Pros(e) event on Friday night, as always, and I would never miss the Kirk Poland contest on Saturday night.
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