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Harry Potter and the Pre-Pub Alert

As a Library Trustee in the town of Brookline, I like to check on the status of the new books that are coming into the system. Fortunately, the Public Library of Brookline maintains a Pre-Publication Alert, that allows patrons not only to see what books have been ordered for the library, but to request holds on those copies when the books are finally processed. That way, savvy library patrons can ensure quicker access to the books they want.

A few months ago, I asked our library director if we were making sure to order enough copies of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. It's going to be an expensive book, even at a discount, and a main role of libraries is to ensure books for patrons who might not be able to afford them on their own. Given the evident popularity of the Harry Potter series, I want to make sure that Brookline residents (especially our children) have as quick access to the book as possible. Frankly, the library is here to serve them, and I want them to appreciate that fact when paying their real estate taxes each year.

Our library director assured me that we would have plenty of copies on hand, and I can see from the book's record page (which can currently be found by clicking this link) that Brookline has ordered 32 copies of the book, and there may be more to come. But there's that other statistic at the top of the screen that I find even more interesting.

As of this morning, the Minuteman library network, which encompasses 41 member libraries, has 1048 holds on the first copy returned. And we're a month away from the release date. I wouldn't place money on it, but I wouldn't be surprised to see that number increase by an order of magnitude before the book is finally made available.
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