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More Kistlerian Goodness

Many of you know that as a comic book fan, I've recommended the wonderful in-depth articles by Alan Kistler over on the Monitor Duty website. I've also enjoyed his series of articles on Doctor Who.

I'm delighted to discover that Mr. Kistler (okay, Alan) has begun a new series of articles, under the heading In a Nutshell. As Mr. Kistler himself puts it:

It occurs to me that for some topics, people would like a short, more concise and by-the-basics approach so that they can just get a quick idea of what the character is about....

So, I'm starting a new thing called "IN A NUTSHELL" which is basically a 2-6 page explanation of what the subject involves. More detailed than Wikipedia, but not as long-winded as my larger articles.

He's got articles up on Doctor Who and the New Gods, and hopefully more will be coming soon. Go read and enjoy.
Tags: comics, science-fiction

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