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Life Update

This week my younger brother, Josh, is in the Burstein house in Forest Hills, dealing with some final issues before the closing on the sale, currently scheduled for next week. Today he's meeting the movers, who will remove his possessions and mine; and on Thursday, all of the stuff I kept in that house for my entire life will be moved to a storage unit.

Its an odd feeling emotionally, especially since it's not just my own stuff. There's a lot of family documents I'm taking custody of, such as photographs, article clippings, and letters. Just yesterday Josh found a whole folder of letters that my father wrote, regarding a piece of family history that I had never known about. I had discovered the letters when doing my own clean-up of the house two years ago, and somehow they migrated into one of Josh's boxes. He's making sure they'll be with my stuff, so I can go over them and learn even more about my family.

I have to express how grateful I am to Josh for all the work he's been doing. He helped me with my own packing, and with finding a good moving company, and he's taking care of being there at a time when I can't. Once the house is no longer ours, it's going to be hard to figure out where and when we'll be able to see each other again, but I'm sure we'll manage. Losing our mother has brought us closer in ways that I think both of us appreciate.

And this takes place right in a busy time. Major deadline at work coming up next week, and on Sunday I'll be teaching at the Odyssey workshop in New Hampshire. I'm expecting my first breather in July...


I know what you mean about the loss bringing you and your brother closer. It's brought me and my sister Pam a lot closer too, and that's a blessing.

My thoughts are with you. Good luck with all of the stuff coming up.
It's very heavy, giving up your childhood home. When we left Princeton, I spent a day photographing all the little details I'd never see again, everything from the sunrise cresting over the dorms to the paint blob by my bed that looked like an elephant.

It'll be interesting to go through the letters, when you're ready. And I'm so glad that this has brought you closer to your brother.
Its an odd feeling emotionally, especially since it's not just my own stuff.

I know that feeling really well. I still have much of what family archives they were from when my brother and I sold the family house lo these many years ago. And more recently, in the wake of my Aunt Shirley's death, I received a shipment of stuff from my cousin; it seems I've been designated family archivist. Throwing stuff away simply isn't an option. Some stuff I've got stored in acid-free storage (http://www.lightimpressionsdirect.com/index.html is a great resource if you're looking for same); some I'm still looking through.

I hope that going through all the letter and so on brings some comfort and helps you get to know your family and your own history better. I've found it a wonderful experience.
First of all, congrats on Odyssey. I hadn't known you'd been asked to teach. That's wonderful.

And cleaning out a family home is such an odd experience. It brings people together while at the same time often causing all sorts of odd arguments in the process.


Congratulations on teaching at Odyssey! That's great!

Sincere sympathies on having to break up the family home. When my mom's parents died, we hung on to the house as long as we could, but finally it had to be sold and the contents dispersed. It was very, very hard, and I understand how difficult this is for you and yours. I'm glad that you and your brother are doing well together on this.

Will there be an estate sale of the remaining contents? I'd be happy to come and support you, Nomi and Josh if you are going that route. If not, I'm always here on LJ for hugs and support. :) Hang in there.
Hope all goes smoothly!

December 2016

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