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Seen Around Boston

Boston has been invaded by robots. Fortunately, they seem friendly. They're even willing to deliver our mail.

R2D2 and Michael
R2D2 and Michael

R2D2 and Nomi
R2D2 and Nomi

(Top photo copyright 2007 by Nomi S. Burstein. Bottom photo copyright 2007 by Michael A. Burstein.)


Where's that mailbox? I haven't seen an R2D2 box around Boston...
It's at the corner of Fairfield and Newbury Streets.
Heh.. I can see the caption now: "Help me U.S. Mail, You're my only hope".... :-)
Fortunately, they seem friendly.

Will they help you win at Lego Star Wars?
we've finally started getting a few in chicago too. they were only supposed to be around for a few weeks (right around the anniversary) and then disappear, but i guess it took too long to get them out there.
The disturbing thing is that yesterday, I was wearing EXACTLY the same outfit as you are in that photo, Michael. I mean, down to the sunglasses that fit over your glasses. Same beige cap, same beige vest with lots of pockets, same blue shirt, same khaki pants. My watch is a slightly different color, though.
Just FYI, though, we didn't take that photo yesterday, but a few weeks ago, on Memorial Day. I have to say that I really like the fishing vest though. The pockets and short sleeves make it extremely useful in the summer, and as far as I'm concerned it goes all the way around the dorky scale to come back to looking cool. :-)
I agree with you about the vest.

I merely warn you that my sister assures me that I'm terrible at judging such things. . .
There's at least one here in Louisville, too.


I haven't seen one yet! I don't make it into Manhattan often, and I think all the NYC ones are there. [pout]
And all we have here in St. John's is a collection of mermaid statues.

Those are so cool. The mailboxes are the perfect shape, even. Lucky Bostonian (Bostonite? Bostonarian?)!

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