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Two Pictures from the Nebula Awards Weekend, May 2000

In May 2000 I was up for a Nebula Award for the first time, and my brother Danny recently sent me some photos from that weekend. For no real reason, I've decided to post two of them here.

The first photo is of me and Octavia Butler:

Michael A. Burstein, Octavia Butler Michael A. Burstein, Octavia Butler

This may have been the first time I met Octavia Butler. What I recall most was how charming she was, and the odd coincidence that one of her best friends was an old college friend of my Mom's. That friend was at her table with her and got to see her win the Nebula.

The second picture is of some of my family:

Bursteins at Nebula Awards Bursteins at Nebula Awards
Standing: David, Daniel, Josh, Eleanor. Sitting: Michael

The caption tells you, but I'll reiterate: standing behind me are my half-brothers David and Daniel, my brother Josh, and my Mom.

And about myself in these pictures, all I can say is that I look at those glasses and have no idea what I was thinking.
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