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Lower Manhattan Lodgings?

The weekend of June 1-3, I plan to be in New York City for an event and estate stuff. The event starts on Saturday evening before the sabbath ends, so I'm looking for semi-inexpensive lodging in downtown Manhattan within walking distance of 126 Crosby Street.

Ideally, it would be nice if I could find a family that davens at a nearby Modern Orthodox synagogue with whom I could stay and who would understand my need to leave before the sabbath ends. If I can't find that, a hotel room in the area would work, but again it would be nice if there was a family or two who would take me in for meals.

Last scenario, I would just need a hotel room, and I'll bring peanut butter and tuna fish with me for the weekend.

I've gotten some leads on davening in the area, but if anyone else out there knows someone or something that could help me out, you'd have my gratitude.
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I don't know whether this will suit you, because of personal needs for privacy, but when I have to travel alone to New York, I have stayed at the Larchmont Hotel on West 11th Street, and can recommend it for safety and quiet for a very reasonable price.


The term "walking distance" is relative. Mapquest lists the hotel as 1.62 miles from Crosby Street.

I hope this is useful.
The recommendation is appreciated, but it probably won't work for this particular trip. West 11th is a bit further from Crosby Street than I'm looking for.
That's what I was afraid of. Two miles for me, unladen with luggage, is a different prospect than the same distance with luggage.

Michael, we like the Affinia, if only because it's right across the street from Penn Station, and you save two taxi rides. Pretty comfy and not too expensive.


But quite a long walk from the Lower East Side
Joe, thanks for the recommendation. I won't be able to use it for this particular trip, but we'll certainly keep it in mind for the future. (Now that we're selling my Mom's house, we won't have a standard place to stay anymore when we visit New York.)
Talk to AK, who just stayed in Lower Manhattan over shabbas back a few weeks ago with three out of four (or 4/5, depending on your view on fetuses). She may be able to hook you up with a family.
Poking a map suggests that asking NYU Hillel might be useful - I don't know when their semster ends, but they may know local shuls, hotels (for visiting parents &etc), and so on.
Mike- I'm reading this entry of yours also for ideas on where to stay. If you make a decision, post about it here- I may book the same hotel.
It's Michael, please. Only my Mom ever called me Mike.

As it is, I may not end up in a hotel, but instead staying with someone in a local Orthodox Jewish community. I'll keep you posted, though.

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