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This Is Not a Post

I had been hoping to make a more substantial post this morning, as there's so much I want to talk about:

• I finished a few pieces of writing, and I'm working on others;

• I saw a friend do very well at the ACPT;

• I have some thoughts about the dearth of women among this year's Hugo nominees;

• I set up a LiveJournal community (LJ: sfwa) for outreach from Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America;

• And I'm still dealing with a lot of the repercussions of my Mom's death.

But Passover starts tonight and we're going to be mostly off line for about a week and a half. Expect me when you see me.


Here's wishing you and Nomi and the extended a great Passover!
::hugs:: and good Pesach to you and Nomi.
*hugs* Hag kasher v'sameah.

looks like a post
smells like a post
quacks like a...post?

(OK so it doesn't hold up)

later 'gator! :)
I forgot to mention!

I recently picked up Web-Slinger, and was pleased and surprised when seeing in the store that you were a contributer to it.

I've been enjoying it immensely, and liked your essay quite a bit - I was especially thrilled by your inclusion of "Maybe Next Year" which is one of my favorite modern Spidey stories.

I understand that there's a Superman and Batman book from the same publisher available: Did you write for either of those?

The Superman book is already out, and I'm not in it, but it's a good book.

I'm hoping to be in the Batman book...
I had to use google to find out what the ACPT is. At first I thought it had something to do with Bill the Cat.

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