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Baruch Dayan Ha Emet: David Honigsberg

Today was the day I had planned to post a bit of an update, and an explanation of why I haven't had time to keep up with this blog for so many days.

And then I just got the news that a friend, David Hongisberg, had died this morning of a heart attack. David kept a LiveJournal at dochyel, and in this entry from less than a week ago, Six Months Later..., he talks about recovering from his heart attack last September, and all his plans for the next half-year.

May his family be comforted.


I never met him, but I saw him all over the place at Lunacon just last week. I think his room was right across the hall from us, in fact.

My condolences to him, his family, and his many friends.
My sympathies on the loss of your friend. I was just thinking about you the other day, remembering when you used to post those Roberts rules of writings posts and how interesting they were, and wondering how you were doing after the death of your mom. Now this.

I didn't know him, but from his web page he looks like he was an interesting person.
I'm so sorry, Michael.
I am stunned.

I didn't know David super well, but I've been seeing him, on and off, for years, especially up at Lunacon.

And his last LJ posting was just yesterday, which makes everything even more sudden.

Sorry for your loss.
I'm so sorry. My god, the timing of that last post...
I'm so sorry for the loss of your friend. This is really turning out to be hard year for you...

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