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Mid-March Update

You know what can make a writer's day? Waking up to a good review.

SF Signal has posted their Review: 2006 Nebula Award Short Fiction Nominees. I am pleased to see that their reviewer enjoyed "Sanctuary" a lot. (A preview of the story is available here.) He's given it five stars out of five and ranks it as his favorite among the novellas. I can't resist quoting the end of the review: "Burstein's engaging prose moves this superb story along quite nicely. Well done."

The honor of having "Sanctuary" ranked so highly is even sweeter when you consider the quality of the other nominees. All four of the novellas on the ballot are excellent stories, as SF SIgnal points out, and all are rated very highly by them. I've said it before, but I'll say it again – I'm honored to be in such company.

In other news, I haven't blogged much here, because life has been keeping me rather busy. For those who are interested, here's a brief update:

Work: We're in the tail end of one major project, which has dovetailed with the ramping up of another major project. So I've been coming in early, as usual, and sometimes staying late to get things done.

Home: As many of you know, gnomi was away for about a week at a conference. I am very glad to have her back home.

Estate: Much of my time has been taken up recently by my Mom's estate issues. I don't want to go into too much detail here, because we're still in the midst of it, but I will note that things always go a lot more slowly than you would expect. Even though Mom had a small list of assets and debts, we still need to deal with every single item on that list at its own pace. I'm very thankful that my brothers and I are able to divide the tasks up, but there's a lot of discussion back and forth that has to be done. More important to me personally, though, is getting all my stuff out of the house, and getting all the family stuff such as photograph albums secured as well. Fortunately, two years ago a bunch of friends helped me pack up most of my belongings, and one of those friends is continuing to help me out because I can't go to New York frequently. For the first time in my life, I'll be renting a storage unit for an extended period of time, but it's vital in order to get all my stuff – mostly books – all together in one place.

Writing: As always, there are freelance projects to be tackled. I had a deadline on an essay a few weeks back, and I have a deadline on a short story this week.

So, given everything else going on, it's no wonder I've had such little time to blog. And that's a shame, because there continues to be so much I want to talk about...


Congratulations on the very excellent review.

Cloning combined with hivemind technology may be the only way of solving these multitasking issues. Halliburton is probably working on this as we blog.

Glad to hear that the estate settlement is going well. Dividing things up can be very hard on families.

Best regards.
Well, fella, you're missed. Post when you have time. Glad to know you're okay, just busy.
Congrats on the review! Sympathies on the estate stuff -- that's always hard. Will you and gnomi be at Lunacon this weekend?

No Lunacon for us. If we were free, I'd be using the time to continue packing up the house.
Well, rats. I'll miss you.

Understood on the house. But you do need to be good to yourselves, too. [hugs to mabfan and gnomi]
No Lunacon for us. If we were free, I'd be using the time to continue packing up the house.
Congrats on the review.

You sure do sound busy. May things quieter soon.
Congrats on that review! I'm awful...I still haven't read "Sanctuary," but I'm going to try this weekend to read all the Nebula stories that I didn't have to read for the preliminary ballot, so I shall read it soon and hopefully have good words to add about it then.

And take care.
Being busy is not always a negative thing.

I'm glad to see you checking in, though.
Was the information I sent you on storage sufficient?
Yes, it was; thanks.
Glad it was helpful, good luck with the moving process.

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