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Jodi Picoult Interview

For those of you who, like me, are anticipating Jodi Picoult's run on Wonder Woman, New Hampshire magazine has just published an Interview with Jodi Picoult. She has some fascinating things to say:

DC Comics came to me, after “The 10th Circle” was published and they saw the graphic novel in it and they were intrigued. The editor said we would really like you to write some issues of “Wonder Woman” for us. My first instinct was, “Are you kidding? I don’t have time to write Wonder Woman.” Then my kids said, “Are you kidding? You have to write Wonder Woman. It’s so cool mom.”...

You not only have to read up on Wonder Woman, you have to read up on her villains and the Justice League, because she is part of that. Your due diligence becomes the entire history of Wonder Woman....

I’m coming into the writing of Wonder Woman after the murder of Maxwell Lord. Which I found a very interesting psychological piece which was in the [writer Greg] Rucka run. Basically she winds up committing murder in front of this broadcast to humanity. She’s doing it because it’s the only way to save Superman. But it sure doesn’t make her look good. That’s a pretty heavy piece of baggage to carry around....

Go read.


Heh. I used to know Jodi Picoult, kinda-sorta. Back when Keeping Faith came out, around 1999, I think.
I first discovered her through "My Sister's Keeper," which engaged me like very few other novels have. I've been meaning to read through her whole backlist, but rather than rush through it, I've decided to do so slowly, to savor her work.
I'm fonder of (and more familiar with) her older stuff. I have most of her books, still, but haven't read the recent ones yet. Our last personal interaction left a bad taste in my mouth that still lingers a bit.

Nonetheless, The Pact is one of my all-time favorite heart-rending books, and I still reread it occasionally, despite having first read it and loved it during high school. :P
That's exactly my experience. I think I stayed up until two or three in the morning reading My Sister's Keeper. Then I reviewed it for VOYA, because I think there's actually a lot for young adults in that book (esp. considering the popularity of Lurene McDanial novels).

I haven't read through all of her backlist, but I've been keeping up with her new releases. Vanishing Acts was just a tiny notch below My Sister's Keeper.

Oddly, I didn't like The Tenth Circle much. I love that she's all about gray areas, but I had almost no sympathy for the young girl in this book at all, if I understood what I read correctly (don't want to spoil anything).

This is the first I've heard about her writing Wonder Woman! How interesting!
I haven't read any of her work to this point, so I'm not really sure what to expect, but it's always nice to see a female creator get a crack at one of the big three.

I sincerely hope that the outcome of Amazons Attack is Wonder Woman becoming an ambassador again, that they drop the concept of a Secret Identity for this character. Because for some reason, while Batman and Superman saw a return to the core of their characters One Year Later, Wonder Woman got revamped. It was frustrating, and hasn't really worked, when the books came out at all.
Very interesting... thanks for sharing. Hopefully she'll have a clue. (Though WW never ran a flower shop AFAIK - that was Black Canary. And DC does absolutely have a ladies' room - what does she think Jeanette Kahn did all those years?)

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