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His Mother's Voice: A Public Thank You to laurion

First of all, I want to thank everyone who responded to my Request for Audio Recording Help. It's always nice to be reminded that one has a support system in place.

Last evening, laurion, whom I met just last month at the Arisia science fiction convention, provided his assistance to the important task of saving all the final voice messages from my Mom that I still had on our answering machine. He brought over a high quality microphone and recorded all the messages from the machine onto my computer. Then, using Audacity software, he created six separate files, each consisting of one of the last messages I will ever receive from my Mom.

Because of his help, future descendants of my Mom will be able to hear her wish gnomi a happy birthday, talk about her upcoming trip to visit to my younger brother, and acknowledge that she knows Nomi and I will be at an upcoming science fiction convention over the weekend.

We also found that laurion and we know a lot of people in common. Fandom is a small world, and it folds over itself many times.


I'm glad to hear this worked out for you. My mother-in-law passed away 13 years ago. My wife has a micro-tape from the answering machine where her mother talks at length about the trip to Vietnam that she'd taken right before she died. She doesn't get to listen to it often, and I'd love to transfer it to the computer for her. I'll have to look into doing this. Thanks for the inspiration.

I hope having her messages at your fingertips will be a comfort to you.
This shores up my prior observations that laurion is a true mensch. :-)
Aw, shucks. I did get [mabfan] and [gnomi] to take me out to the best kosher chinese around. And the conversation alone was worth the price of admission.
Good to hear that you were able to get good recordings off.
Very glad that worked out for you.

December 2016

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