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The Eye of Argon Panel: Moderator's Perspective

laurion, who moderated the panel "The Eye of Argon: The Professionals," noted his experience on the panel in his Obligatory post-Arisia post.:

Sunday I moderated The Eye of Argon: The Professionals. I'm not sure what makes me a professional, but I was honored to share the panel with GoH Esther Friesner, SF writers Shane Tourtellotte and Michael A Burstein, and artist E J Barnes. Esther proved herself to be an old pro, handily wiping out the first page-long chapter. I'd decided we'd change readers at the chapter marks to help move along in case someone proved an excellent Argonaut. On the other end of things, Michael had never read it before, or even heard anything about it. Shortly in to reading, he turned and asked me if this was a joke... he rallied though, set a personal goal of making it through a whole paragraph. To his credit, he succeeded, doing very well for a first-timer.

Thanks, laurion!


You'd never read Eye of Argon and you did it cold? Wow.

How'd you spend so long in the community and manage to miss this masterpiece of awfulness?
What she said. *boggle*
I may have heard rumors in the distance, but I ignored them for the sake of my sanity.
Dude, you're in this field -- of what possible use would sanity be?????? *chortle*
It has long been my suspicion that the Eye of Argon was secretly a collaboration between Gary Gygax and John Norman.
Okay, now I'm scared. The 200-page Transformers fanfic I wrote at age fifteen is already roaming free on the Internet. My career may be over before it even begins...
I have early, crude stuff in the Clarion archives. You'll find little sympathy from me. :-)
OK, I admit I've never read it. But you'd never heard of it? I'm shocked; shocked, I say, that a professional could go so far without such knowledge.
I first heard of it when I signed up for the panel, figuring that it might be amusing. Little did I know...
Uh, okaaaaay....

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