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A Nice Compliment

jamietr has paid me one of the biggest compliments one can give a writer. He was so engrossed in reading "Sanctuary" on the DC Metro this morning that he almost missed his stop:

I have been commuting on the Washington Metro (subway) for well over 4 years and I have never missed my stop. Regular commuters understand this. Even if you are not consciously paying attention, you "know" where you are and when you are supposed to get off the train. Because of Michael's story, however, I came closer to missing my stop today than ever before.... I cannot remember the last time that I was so engrossed by a story that even my subconscious stopped paying attention to my surroundings that much....

He also points out the similarities between my story and Bill Shunn's "Inclination," which is also on the Nebula preliminary ballot in novella.


That reminds me--one of the professors here teaches a Holocaust class here every Spring, with "extras" running the range from trips to D.C.'s Holocaust Museum to inviting speakers who are Holocaust survivors. No promises, obviously, but I'm going to see if she might be interested in using "Kaddish" sometime in the class.
I used to have a nice PDF of the story that a fan made me, suitable for turning into a chapbook. I really ought to get around to doing that one of these days.

Feel free to pass along the story; I'd love to see it used in a class again.
Now that is a complement.

Not surprising your a great writer...
Ooh! A very nice compliment indeed.

December 2016

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