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Bursteins Named Newsmakers

I'm surfacing briefly while on vacation just to note that the Brookline TAB has published their first part of The Brookline TAB 10: 2006. This is their list of the top ten Brookline newsmakers for the past year, and, um, Nomi and I are on it:

Just when you thought the solar system was safe, a planet gets laid off.

But lucky for the universe, there are two local — rather, intergalactic — crusaders fighting for the little guy.

Following the International Astronomical Union’s decision to strip Pluto of its planetary status this summer and redefine it as a “dwarf planet,” one Coolidge Corner couple took action...

Other honorees include the Community Preservation Act, Pat Norling, Deb Goldberg and Andrea Silbert, and Zathmary's, etc.

Apparently, Nomi and I rank up there with the two Brookline women who ran for Lieutenant Governor and the gourmet food shop that closed overnight.

We thank the Brookline TAB for recognizing us and our campaign for Pluto, even while we maintain an air of detached bemusement.
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