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In New York City...

As gnomi said yesterday, we're in New York City, but have limited Internet connectivity. So hopefully we're not missing much over here on LiveJournal, but if there's something you feel I must see, keep in mind that I might not without a comment.

I'll try to post dispatches when we have a better connection.
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Save Pluto Day Activities in NY/NJ Area

While you're in New York, are there any people you could recruit to arrange an event for International Save Pluto Day in the New York City/New Jersey area? I live in central NJ and would really like to be part of a local event on February 4. Carl Bergmanson of Glen Ridge, who is listed as one of SP3's supporters, might also be interested in putting something together. I can be reached at laurelkornfeld@netzero.net. Please feel free to share my contact information with anyone who might be interested in organizing an event.

Re: Save Pluto Day Activities in NY/NJ Area


Our NYC coordinator tried to get the Hayden Planetarium to run an event, but they never responded.

I would love to see an event happen in NYC, so we could publicize and list it on the SP3 webpage. Do you know Carl? I can put both of you in touch with Sean, our NYC Coordinator, and see what develops.

Re: Save Pluto Day Activities in NY/NJ Area

Hi, Mike,

I contacted Carl, but he will be busy working on a special election on February 6. He is looking at the possibility of doing something on February 18. If Sean or anyone in the NYC area is interested in planning an event for February 4, please feel free to put me in touch with him and vice versa.

FYI, my best friend and I incorporated the whole Save Pluto theme into our New Year's celebrations. We talked informally about Pluto to people at the New Year's Eve party we attended and noted that 2007 holds out hope for Pluto because of Dr. Stern's planned conference of 1,000 astronomers next summer. As a symbolic gesture, we also wore Save Pluto T shirts on New Year's Day.

Re: Save Pluto Day Activities in NY/NJ Area

Sean here. I've been somewhat amazed at the lack of response from the Hayden. I would love to see a Pluto event happen in the NYC area, but am concerned about the short time available to organize now. I currently don't have any ideas for what sort of event we could manage, but would love to hear some ideas.

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