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New York Movies?

As today is both leap day and the day of the Oscars, I thought I might try starting a thread that is of interest to me and maybe to others as well.

Every now and then, I've thought of putting together a list of films that would be appropriate for a "New York City" Film Festival. In other words, films in which most would agree that the city is itself a central character. Occasionally, I've thought that it might be interesting to try to do a festival by decade, i.e. have each film (or set of films) represent a particular decade in the city's life, and not necessarily have been made then. Of course, that would work too, as films like TAXI DRIVER and ANNIE HALL might be thought of as representing the 1970s. Then the festival could be shown in chronological order by period; and at the moment, I imagine that GANGS OF NEW YORK would come first, since I can't think of a New York film set before then. As for science fiction films, I'd put them all at the end as "futuristic" visions of the city, even if they're already set in the past.

So, the question I'm raising here is, what films would you add to this list? The only restriction I might put on this is that because certain directors are so associated with NYC (such as Woody Allen, Spike Lee and Martin Scorsese) that we probably want to select just a handful from each of them. Unless that's the only way to get a festival going.

So I'll start with what I've noted above and one or two others (yes, the easy ones):

GANGS OF NEW YORK (Scorsese, 2002; 19th century)
TAXI DRIVER (Scorsese, 1976; 1970s)
ANNIE HALL (Allen, 1977; 1970s)
THE 25TH HOUR (Lee, 2002; 2000s)
ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK (Carpenter, 1981; "1990's")

Anyone want to add more? Directors and year of release can easily be found at the IMDB.


Men in Black (it has the weird power station in the middle of the FDR drive, and the globe from the World's Fair in Queens)
just about any Woody Allen movie
Working Girl
Sleepless in Seattle; Love Affair; An Affair to Remember

These movies would not be the same without the Emprire States Building to meet at.
Spider-Man (Raimi, 2002: Ots.)
Se7en (Fincher, 1995: 90s)
Wall Street (Stone, 1987: 80s)
Ghostbusters (Reitman, 1984: 80s)
No 'Boiler Room'?
Not quite sure of this, but..."You've got Mail" might fit on the list. New York was definately a background character, but the story would have had a compkletely different feel had it been set somewhere else.
I don't know if Batman movies count as 'New York' for the purposes of this list...

Sleepers (Levinson, 1996; 1990s? Lot of flashbacks to upstate, but the NYC portions are 90s I believe)
Rumble In the Bronx (Tong, 1995; No, I'm kidding)
I've gotten replies here and from another list I'm on. In a few days, I'll try to post the complete list.
- The first two Superman films. Metropolis was so clearly a veiled New York, that I would count them. (Superman, 1978, Donner; Superman II, Lester, 1982)

- On the Town, the classic post-WWII tribute to NYC. (Donen/Kelly, 1949)

- Manhattan Serenade (aka Mouse in Manhattan), the 1945 Tom & Jerry short wherein Jerry runs away to the city for a night on the town.
Smoke (1995) (Is it NYC specific enough?)
Crossing Delancey (I don't remember liking it, so I'm not sure why I am adding it... it seems appropriate)

hee hee hee....

On the lighter side:

Annie (John Huston, 1982; set in the 1930s)
On the Town (Stanley Donen/Gene Kelly, 1949)
Breakfast at Tiffany's (Blake Edwards, 1961)
The Producers (Mel Brooks, 1968)
Plaza Suite (Arthur Hiller/Neil Simon, 1971)
Fame (Alan Parker, 1980)
I'd have to go with Ghost and Working Girl (gotta love the eighties).
Ohh, and When Harry Met Sally!

some NYC movies

Two movies I'd recommend would be A Bronx Tale and, even more likely, Once Upon a Time in America. Both are De Niro films (the first is also directed by him) that involve gangsters, but neither is directed by the obvious NYC directors.
The Taking of Pelham One Two Three.

(This was actually discussed on one of the NYT blogs a few days ago.... I'll see if I can dig up the link)
And it only took you four years! :-)
Hey, I wasn't reading LJ four years ago! Cut me some slack! :-)

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