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One Year Ago Today: NYC Transit Strike and a Blow to Intelligent Design

On December 20, 2005, two events of significance took place.

The first one mainly affected New Yorkers. The workers for the MTA, which runs the subway and buses in New York City, went on strike and forced commuters to find other ways to get to work. If I recall correctly, the strike only lasted for one day, but it did turn that Tuesday into an adventure for many of my friends.

The other event was the ruling in the case of Kitzmiller et. al. v. Dover School District. Judge John Jones declared that intelligent design had no place in a public school science curriculum, as it violated the separation of church and state. Jones said that the entire point of the ID movement was to promote religion. As of today, the ID movement has not recovered from this blow; in fact, the Dover School Board was overturned last year, even before the ruling came down.

If you're interested in these blasts from the past, you can see what I said on this day last year here. My entries for the day included good wishes to my New York City friends and choice quotes from the court ruling.
Tags: history, nyc, science

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