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Nice Review for "Things That Aren't"

If this is December 2006, what does that mean?

Right! The review of the April 2007 Analog is already up on the Tangent Online page!

Although I haven't even seen the March 2007 issue yet, reviewer Steven H Silver has fired up his time machine to check out the anti-antepenultimate (points to anyone who understands what I mean by that, but no, Analog is not folding) issue of Analog, which includes "Things That Aren't," co-written by myself and Bob Greenberger. (Bob uses the pen name "Robert Greenberger," though.) Of our story, he says:

The story’s tension comes down to how Trevor [the villain] will be caught, and the authors handle that detail quite well.  In the process, they showcase the divisions that can occur within a team, as well as the method used for testing hypotheses and controlling their dissemination.  Valiquette [the FBI investigator]...could easily become the focus of a series of science fiction mysteries in which scientific theory is the basis for the crimes he is investigating.

I hope he will be pleased to hear that a sequel is in the works.
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