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Taking the Fight for Pluto to the Airwaves

As mentioned a couple of days ago, gnomi and I were interviewed by CBS4 News about our fight to save Pluto.  They ran the interview last night.  The video is here, with a partial transcript here.  The reporter, Ken Barlow, gave a plug for the Clay Center Observatory and for our upcoming Save Pluto Day observances on 4 February 2007.


Many congratulations! (You that it's quite difficult to get on the vening news with a feature story?)
Is it difficult? I've honestly never tried; they came to us.

(The one other time I was on the local evening news was when my father died during the 1990 Daily News strike. The problem there was convincing the eager but hesitant news media that yes, we really did want cameras and a media circus at my father's funeral.)
That's probably why it worked.

But when you try, and you look like you want the attention, you never get it.
Oh, awesome! I thought you guys came off well.
Thank you! Save Pluto!
Can I redeem it for valuable prizes?
Pluto itself is the valuable prize. No need to redeem.
That is terrific coverage! I was so afraid that they were going to turn the whole enterprise into a joke, but the report is respectful, you're both intelligent and articulate (and you both look great!), and it's interesting. Yay!
Thanks! The producer who contacted us thought it would be a fun story to do, and all his questions were quite good. I expected a cute report, but also a serious one. And they cut off just before they gave even more good notice to the Clay Center; apparently the Center is one of the places they use for their weather network.

Save Pluto!
Good interview. You guys came across very knowledgeable and well-spoken.
Thank you!
That's really cool--I'm sorry I didn't get to see it when it aired.

But I'll definately keep Feb 4 in mind.
I hope other people pick up on Save Pluto Day, but you never know. It might take a few years.
I saw this shirt on thinkgeek.com and thought of you two:



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