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Limoliner, final note

Well, they showed us the films "Lost in Translation" and "Anything Else."

And then, because we were going to be -- get this -- a half hour late arriving in New York City, they gave us all free vouchers for a return trip. Which we're applying to our return trip, which was already paid for, so they're refunding our money.


Anyway, we got to my Mom's house, rushed through a bunch of things, and had dinner with friends. I'm sure gnomi will post a real report in a few days...


wow...if a plane flight was only half an hour late, you'd be paying them...
1. So how were the films? I've been curious about Lost in Translation.

2. How long you guys in NYC for? I don't think Batya and I have time to meet for dinner even if you do, but I am off from work this week, just in case.

3. How was Boskone? Wondering if there was a Julie Schwartz memorail of any kind, and the whole place was buzzing about Angel's cancellation.


1. Lost in Translation reminded me very much of Sofia Coppola's first film, The Virgin Suicides. It's basically got a feel of people drifting through their lives, not really knowing where they are going, and coming to a sort of resolution at the end. Not the sort of film I would have sought out, but one I am glad came in my direction.

2. We're only in NYC until Thursday, and somewhat full in schedule. This is basically a business vacation for us, meeting with editors and the like. If I can find a free moment, I want to use it to see my brother's family -- Emma's about nine months now, and it would be nice to see her again.

3. There was no Julie Schwartz memorial at Boskone; we were more concerned with memorializing Hal Clement. We had a charity auction for the Joslin Center for Diabetes which earned over $1000; I offered a signed copy of Analog along with a Tuckerization, and that went for $25 to a very nice dealer named James Wills. Now I just have to find a good place to put his name in a story. As for the Angel cancellation, yes, we were all abuzz.


Oh. It's Woden's day, any time to get together this trip? Contact at jjbaker@panix.com.


any time to get together this trip?

Afraid there wasn't. I didn't even get to see my nine-month-old niece, we were so busy...

I wanted to watch Lost in Translation

But it didn't come on day one when it came up in my Netflix queue and now it has a very long wait.

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