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Ruminations on Blogging

Once again, I'm trying to figure out exactly what my blogging is for. I don't want this blog just to be about my personal life, such as it is. I want it to be commentary and discussion on things that interest me. The problem is that my interests are many and varied. So my blog isn't necessarily the "go-to" spot if you want to read specifically about science, let's say, or comics, because I cover both of those, and not necessarily in depth.

Sometimes, I wish I could maintain a few separate blogs, each devoted to an individual topic, such as science, history, comics, science fiction, politics, and writing. That way, people could read the blog that focuses on their own particular interest. But I don't think I post enough to support all those separate blogs. So I rely on tags. If you are primarily interested in one particular topic, you can check the tag and get an idea of whether or not I'm covering such a thing in a particular post.

And why am I ruminating on this? I have no idea. Maybe it's because, as you may have already noticed, I've finally posted a new response to one of Robert's Rules of Writing. I know I've fallen behind my intended schedule of posting these, but I look at it this way -- those of you who are reading here for writing discussion have something to look forward to.

Maybe I should do a poll to see if I should do a poll. It could look like this:

Poll #846248 Blogging

Should I do a poll to find out what people want out of reading my blog?


(Note that with check boxes, you can vote "Yes," "No," and "Narf!" Existential fun for all!)

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