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Publicly Protecting Pluto!

As I mentioned a few days ago, Nomi and I were interviewed by the Brookline TAB on Monday evening about the Society for the Preservation of Pluto as a Planet.

The article, Brookline couple launch campaign to save Pluto (Brookline TAB, September 28, 2006), does a good job of representing us as who were really are, and why we're so passionate about Pluto:

We all need reminders for life’s special moments - birthdays, anniversaries, space travel.

While furiously tapping at their handheld electronic organizers, Michael and Nomi Burstein race through their schedules to pinpoint their special moment.

"We have it written down in our handhelds," Michael murmured, zipping through his digital database.

"We’re sort of scary that way," Nomi quipped, not looking up from her own compact computer.

Michael calls out the sought-after date first - the year 2015.

Nine years is how long this Brookline couple will wait for a space mission that left Earth in January to reach Pluto.

But with regard to Pluto’s newly demoted planetary status, the two are not so patient....

And there's a picture, too!
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